Only Premio Tokyo, Yuraku-cho store

The biggest suit shop has just opened in Yuraku-cho.

  • High quality suits for dignified men

    We have over 2000 ready-made suits and over 1000 kinds of fabrics for tailored suits at our shop. From ready-made to perfect fitting tailored suit, we can offer you upon your preferences.

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  • Yuraku-cho shop exclusively offers you the suits with the materials from world famous high-end brands, such as Ermenegildo Zegna, Lolo Piana, and Dormeuil, for reasonable prices.

    The suits available only at Yuraku-cho store.

  • A whole new concept collection "ONLY galleria"

    We have varied selection; jackets with imported silk jacquard fabrics, three-piece suits with silk blended fabrics, a thousand kind of vests, and bow ties. We even have vests using Kyoto origin fabrics “Nishijin-ori” and “Kyozome”, and Kimonos made of wool fabrics for suits.

    ONLY galleria

  • Two kinds of tailored suits

    “Tailor Made”(custom) :you can choose a style and a fabrics from various kinds.
 “Minimal Order” (made-to-measure) :you can choose fabrics, and takes your measurements.


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Our professional staff will guide you inside the shop.

As ONLY PREMIO TOKYO Yuraku-cho store is one of the biggest shops in Tokyo, our suit concierge will show you around the shop if you preferred. Please feel free to ask us anything, such as dress codes, occasions, colors, sizes, budgets, and coordinations. We’ll navigate you to the best one which properly fits you.

Making Appointment We recommend you make an appointment before visiting us for smooth services

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ONLY PREMIO The suit for you when you want to be at your best

Only at Yuraku-cho store, you can get high-end brand fabrics at these prices.

  • ¥49,000+tax

  • ¥59,000+tax

There is a suit that makes you powerful at the right moment.

At ONLY PREMIO TOKYO Yuraku-cho store, you can get the suits which are made of world famous high-end bland fabrics like Ermenegildo Zegna, Lolo Piana and Dormeuil at 49,000yen or 59,000yen.

These suits have various colors and patterns for matured men with intelligence and dignity. Also, they are made by our original sizing matrix learned in Japan and Italy, which help you win over the world wide business scene. We offer them at reasonable prices you can’t find anywhere else.

SUIT ¥49,000 / 4-0122-42-455 Gray
SHIRT ¥4,800 / NECKTIE ¥7,800 / POCKET CHIEF ¥3,800
SHOES ¥13,000

SUIT ¥59,000 / 4-0122-42-462 Blue
SHIRT ¥3,800 / NECKTIE ¥7,800 / POCKET CHIEF ¥2,800

SUIT ¥59,000 / 5-0122-42-473 Blue
SHIRT ¥3,800 / NECKTIE ¥7,800 / POCKET CHIEF ¥2,800
SHOES ¥16,000

Making Appointment We recommend you make an appointment before visiting us for smooth services

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ONLY galleria

“Suit Gallery” for formal wear

There are items you can only find in Kyoto born “ONLY”. Our items give you the experience of the joy to dress up as you are in a gallery. The silk imported jacquard jacket and silk blended three-piece suit are not only matches with formal occasions such as a wedding party or reception, but also nice to wear on holidays as well. There are a thousand kinds of vests and bow ties which go well with your suits. We also have vests made of the fabric of “Kyozome” and “Nishijin-ori”,and Kimonos made of wool fabrics for suits.


The silk blended three-piece suit of ONLY Galleria is not only elegant and dignified but also a good value for the price. You can wear it both at your office and at a party. Also, the jacket can be used by itself for casual style for holidays.

Kyoto Style

Kyoto born ONLY weaves the integration between Japanese beauty and suits.
Kyoto has a traditional culture of handcraft which can transmit to the world. “Can’t we use the beauty of “Nishijin-ori” and ‘Kyozome’ for formal suit’s vest? Can’t we make kimonos with imported fabrics for suits?” The questions from Kyoto kimono artisans inspired us to form a new style.
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We have two kinds of custom suits which satisfy both type of person ;
particular-taste-in fashion person and easy-going person.

  • Make the suit only for you by choosing from a variety of fabrics and models.

    ¥38,000 + tax

    tailored suit

  • Only taking measurements and selecting the fabrics.
    This is the easiest tailored suit.

    a special discount for two sets of suits

    ¥38,000 + tax

    You can order a suit from 28,000yen plus tax.

    made-to -measure

Three features of ONLY’s tailored suit.

  • 01

    We have accomplished
    300,000 tailored suits.

    At ONLY, we have made tailored suits fit to each customers’ character and needs, and we also have had ready- made suits with a variety of fabrics and models. The number of suit we have made as tailored suits and made-to measure suits is over 300,000.

  • 02

    Supervised by Master tailor Koichi Nakanishi,
    the winner of “Takamatsunomiya expertise encouragement award”.

Having made tailored suits for 50 years, he knows how a suit should be made when he touches the fabric. He becomes actually one of the great master of tailors as he won the best award of 
 “Takamatsunomiya expertise encouragement award” at the 25th Japan men’s clothes technical contest. The dress patterns drawn by his creates the best silhouette and comfort to wear.

  • 03

    The original method of measurement “gauge clothes”enables precise and quick fitting.

    It is very important for tailored suits to do fitting which affect for comfort. Under Master tailor Koichi Nakanishi’s supervision; we developed original method “gauge clothes” and “size matrix”, which revised Italian way of sizing.

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Making Appointment We recommend you make an appointment before visiting us for smooth services

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